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Provider Search

To find your network, look for the Network logo on the back of your Member ID card. Click on the appropriate logo below.


Pharmacy Benefits

To find your network, look for the Network logo on the front of your Member ID card. Click on the appropriate logo below.


Request Member ID Card

Fill out the form below to request a new or replacement Member ID Card

This on-line ID card form is for use exclusively for active participants. In order for an ID card to be sent, enrollment must have been approved and submitted by the plan sponsor

The ID card will be mailed to the address currently on file for the Participant ID provided above OR to your Employer depending on your Plan Sponsor’s instructions to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Request a Schedule of Benefits

If you have access to a fax machine, you can have your benefit information faxed directly to you using our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System by calling (800)842-4351. You will need your 9 digit Member ID Number found on your Member ID card. (Press 3 for the letter F, if applicable).

You will need to enter a 10 digit fax number for a Dedicated Fax Machine. Multi-Purpose devices will not receive faxes from our system.

How to Submit a Claim

Fax - You can submit a claim by faxing your claim to 405-775-5992

Mail - You can also submit your claim by mailing it to:

Frates Benefit Administrators
3817 NW Expressway, Suite 810
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Personal Information Changes

Contact your office manager or human resources department for a “Change Request Form” to make changes such as:

  • Add/Delete Dependents
  • Change your address on file
  • Make changes to beneficiaries

Family and Medical Leave Act

Click here to visit the Family and Medical Leave Act site.

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